I’m available for workshops, lectures, panels, readings, and performances!

Here’s a few of my offerings:

New for 2017

  • Another Kind of Fist: Porn as Resistance
  • Ethical Porn: An Anticapitalist Critique
  • Fuck You Pay Me: Getting Paid for Your Labour
  • Radical Vulnerability: Self Care for Activists
  • “An Army Of Lovers Cannot Fail”- Centering Mutual Community Care in a Post-Trump Nightmare

Other offerings:

-Ask: Building a Consent Culture (lecture or workshop)
-Ban This Sick Filth: How Porn Both Informs and Challenges What We Find Obscene
-What Is Feminist Porn? A Sex Critical Approach
-Beyond the Leather Couch: Professional Kink as Therapeutic Exploration
-TLC: Sex Work, Disability, and Stigma
-‘En/forced femme’: Sex Work and Social Media
-Complicating Consent: Beyond Yes and No

Sex Ed-
-Fuck Me I’m Fat- A Hot Guide to Fat Sex
-Manic Pixie Dream Domme: Embracing Frivolity in Kink
-“You Like WHAT?!?”: How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Kink
-How To Ask For It: A Workshop on Sexy Negotiation
-Safer Sexy: Erotic Safer Sex
-Three to a Bed: An Honest Guide to Good Threesomes